The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

About The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Officially, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guard was "Scotland's senior regiment and [the Queen's] only regular cavalry." Musically speaking, the Dragoon Guard's Pipes and Drums division traced its roots back to the trumpet and kettledrum sections of early military guards. It was way back in 1777 that what one could have called a ‘band' made its first appearance, and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, at least as it came to be known, formed in 1971. It is the bringing together of the 3rd Carabiniers (the Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards) and the Royal Scots Greys. The Guards take on pipe tunes first came to attention to the pop-music buying public in 1972, with their number one (in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa) single "Amazing Grace." In 2007, Universal records released a new album by the group, Spirit of the Glen. ~ Chris True

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