The Potbelleez
The Potbelleez

The Potbelleez

About The Potbelleez

A Dublin-born but Sydney based DJ/house duo, the Potbelleez first got together shortly after arriving Down Under from Ireland in 2001-2002. Over the next two years, the pair worked hard, DJing beach parties and clubs around Sydney. In 2004, the Potbelleez's star began to rise more quickly, as they had their first gig at the legendary Sydney club Home. In addition, they were picked to join the Jim Beam Mix It Up tour in 2005, which took them to clubs and parties the world over. Success in early remix projects led to a deal with Vicious records, who released the Potbelleez's first EP, In the Junkyard in 2007. The success of the EP — the songs appeared on a number of television shows, and in some cases were the theme song of a show or two — led to further deals, including the hit single "Don't Hold Back," and DJ mix CDs for Pacha and Ministry of Sound, both released in 2008.

    Sydney, Australia

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