About Satyricon

Norwegian black metal trio Satyricon are led by Satyr, drummer Frost, and keyboardist Kine. Their early recordings include a demo split with Enslaved titled The Forest Is My Throne, the 1994 album Dark Medieval Times, and its 1995 follow-up, Shadowthrone. Released in 1997, Nemesis Divina was their first album to see release in the U.S.; it was followed by an EP of mostly alternate versions (Megiddo) and one of new material (1999's Intermezzo II). The full-length Rebel Extravaganza appeared soon after, pushing their sound even farther into the realm of synth-flavored gothic black metal. The compilation Ten Horns: Ten Diadems appeared in 2002 to celebrate Satyricon's tenth anniversary together before marking their jump to the majors with their Capitol debut, Volcano. Satyricon's penchant for breaking out of confining stylistic boundaries continued on 2006's Now, Diabolical and 2008's Age of Nero. The band's eponymous 2013 eighth studio album was their first to top the official Norwegian Albums Chart, and in early 2017 they issued "Deep Calleth Upon Deep" the lead single from the highly anticipated, Napalm Records-issued full-length of the same name. ~ Steve Huey

    Oslo, Norway
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