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About Pamela

Since her parents were the owners of the important Peruvian label Sono Sur, singer Pamela Rodriguez -- generally referred to as just Pamela -- was in touch with music and the music business from a very early age. She was five when she began guitar lessons. Two years later when the family fled Peru because of violence and political instability she joined a choir in their new home of Vancouver, Canada. She would return to Peru two years after that and begin piano lessons, and soon voice and music theory studies. In her teens she was offered a recording contract with the Sony label, but three years would pass without any releases to show for it, and then Sony pulled out of the Peruvian market. Pamela used it as an opportunity and enrolled in the University of Texas' world-renowned music school. Playing with musicians from all over the world exposed her to many new sounds, and after incorporating her favorite flavors into her own style, she decided to return to Peru and work on her first album. Afro-Peruvian music, jazz, and Latin pop all played a part in her debut, Peru Blue, which was released by the Iempsa label in 2005. Sounding a bit like Norah Jones and graced by the same combination of critical favor and popular acceptance, Peru Blue stayed in Peru's Top Ten Albums chart for 30 weeks while Pamela earned a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2006 Latin Grammy Awards. ~ David Jeffries