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A popular South Korean alternative rock group, N.Flying (short for New Flying) formed in 2013 under entertainment behemoth FNC Entertainment and broke into the mainstream with their 2019 hit "Rooftops."

Originally operating as a quartet comprised of Seunghyub (Lee Seung-hyub, leader, main rapper, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and pianist), Kwangjin (Kwon Kwang-jin, bass, vocals), Hun (Cha Hun, lead guitarist, vocals), and Jaehyun (Kim Jae-hyun, drums), the group issued their debut single, "Basket", in Japan shortly after forming. They made their Korean debut in early 2015 with the release of the EP Awesome, followed closely by the three-song LP Lonely later that October. In 2017 the band expanded to a five-piece with the arrival of Hweseung (Yoo Hwe-seung, main vocalist), who made his debut on the EP The Real: N.Flying. The group issued two more EPs in 2018, The Hottest: N. Flying and How Are You? Kwangjin left the group amid some controversy shortly after the latter EP's release and was replaced by new bassist/vocalist Dongsung (Seo Dong Sung) in early 2020. The band dove headfirst into the mainstream in early 2019 with the release of the single "Rooftops," which soared to the top of the charts in both Korea and Japan. The EP Spring Shining arrived in April, followed by another EP, Yaho, in October. Brotherhood, the band's first Japanese full-length effort, arrived earlier that spring. ~ James Christopher Monger