Mika Nakashima
Mika Nakashima

Mika Nakashima

About Mika Nakashima

Singer and actress Mika Nakashima is a J-pop superstar who has launched five albums to the top of the Japanese charts.

∙ Nakashima landed the lead role in the 2001 TV drama Kizudarake no Love Song, for which she also recorded the theme, “Stars.”
∙ Three of her albums have sold more than one million copies: 2002’s True, 2003’s Love, and 2005’s Best.
∙ She won New Artist of the Year at the 2002 Gold Disc Awards in Japan.
∙ One of Japan’s most popular karaoke songs of 2004, her romantic single “Yuki No Hana” also spawned hit covers in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and South Korea.
∙ In 2015, she starred in the film adaptation of the manga Nana, earning two nominations from the Japanese Film Academy: Best Actress and Newcomer of the Year.
∙ The clip for her first No 1. single, “Glamorous Sky,” won Best Video From a Film honors at 2006’s MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

    Hioki, Kagoshima, Japan
  • BORN
    19 February 1983

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