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About James Bernard

b. New York City, New York, USA. A native New Yorker who programmes synthesizers for Korg as a day job, but releases a gamut of techno odes, under a variety of names, in his spare time. Under his own name he recorded a 1994 debut album for Rising High Records that was a gruelling, slightly moribund, ambient affair. However, as Influx he provided the Sappho label (a subsidiary of Rising High) with their first full-length album release on a set that reflected Influxs familiar, old school use of electro drums. It followed three 12-inch releases, Influx, OD and Disrupticon, for the same stable. Among his other guises is the nom de plume Cybertrax, whose notable credits on the main Rising High label included Songs For A Rainy Day and Flexor.