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About David Martin

Alt-rocker David Martin emerged in the late 2000s after a demo tape he'd made for his wife found its way into the hands of producer Adam DeGraide. Martin started playing music in high school. He was the lead singer in a metal band, and his desire to become a rock star drove him to leave school at the age of 16. He wised up and went back to school a year later, but the music bug never left him. Ten years down the road, Martin wrote a batch of love songs for his wife and presented them to her on a brand-new iPod. The mp3s found their way to the offices of Astonish Entertainment, where they were discovered by DeGraide. Martin was whisked away to the studio, where he paired up with Manu Katche to record his debut, Something in Your Eyes. The album hit stores in early 2007, and Martin went on a North American tour soon thereafter. ~ Margaret Reges