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Also known by his given name, Andreas Plab, Andrew Applepie is a versatile indie electronic musician with a penchant for melody, whimsical beats, and a playful sound palette. Hailing from Regensburg, Germany, Plab began learning instruments and writing songs around the age of 13. He eventually became lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the indie pop band Cat Stash, whose song "Confidence" was featured in the German coming-of-age comedy About a Girl. It had its festival premiere in 2014. The following year, Plab adopted the solo pseudonym Andrew Applepie, a childhood nickname from his father.

Using a wide variety of instruments, from guitars and ethnic folk instruments to electronic keyboards and portable audio workstations, he began releasing consecutively numbered EPs as Andrew Applepie in quick succession, starting in August 2015. His full-length debut, Real Sweet, followed EP 5 that November. The summery tune "I'm So" was featured on his eighth extended play and soon garnered hundreds of thousands of plays at streaming sites.

An eponymous album and the Unbreakable Spirit LP followed in April and May of 2016 (between his 11th and 12th EPs). He also started performing live that year. The 12-track album The Cookie arrived in March 2017, just weeks before EP 21. Applepie released A Couple of Pop Songs — a ten-song album with an additional ten bonus instrumentals — in August of 2017. He was up to EP number 25 by October, and began 2018 with January's Snow, a six-track recording that doubled as EP 26.

    Munich, Germany
  • BORN
    27 September 1989

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