About Jorn

Jorn is the solo venture of journeyman Norwegian singer Jørn Lande (Masterplan, Vagabond, the Snakes, Ark, etc.), whose remarkable talent has allowed him to excel at everything from power metal to bluesy hard rock to pop. After fronting a number of metal and hard rock bands in the 1990s, he made his debut as Jorn with 2000's Starfire, launching a prolific solo career that would see him release over a dozen albums over the coming decades, including Spirit Black (2009), Traveller (2013), and Life on Death Road (2017).
All the while, his collaborations with other acts continued, most notably as the singer for German power metal band Masterplan, with whom he recorded several well-received albums. Following the release of Jorn's 2004 album Out to Every Nation, he formed the metal supergroup Allen/Lande with American vocalist Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Swedish guitarist Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Starbreaker). Throughout the rest of the 2000s, Lande would impressively juggle his work with both Masterplan and Allen/Lande while continuing to record his own solo albums for the Frontiers label. In addition to studio albums like Lonely Are the Brave (2008) and Spirit Black (2009), he issued a handful of live recordings and a pair of greatest-hits collections. In 2010, he released the tribute album Dio, honoring the late metal icon Ronnie James Dio.
Around the same time as his 2012 LP Bring Heavy Rock Back to the Land, it was announced Lande had left Masterplan, leaving him to focus mainly on his solo output and the next Allen/Lande album. An orchestral collection of his earlier solo material called Symphonic arrived in 2013, with his eighth studio album, Traveller, appearing that same year. Dracula: Swing of Death, a rock opera recorded with Norwegian guitarist Trond Holter, was released in 2015, followed a year later by a solo covers album called Heavy Rock Radio. In 2017, Jorn returned with Life on Death Road, which was recorded with a new lineup featuring members of German hard rock troupe Voodoo Circle. 2020 saw the release of a second covers LP, Heavy Rock Radio II: Executing the Classics. ~ Timothy Monger & Eduardo Rivadavia

    Rjukan, Norway
  • BORN
    31 May 1968