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Although Future Forces appeared on the drum'n'bass scene a bit later than most producers, they and the label group they help run (which includes Trouble on Vinyl, Renegade, and Renegade Hardware) have risen to fast prominence through their style of deep, futuristic hardstep. The Vauxhall-based duo of Darren Bridge and Jason Maldini, Future Forces formed in 1995 when Bridge and Maldini were introduced by a mutual friend. Holing up in Maldini's modest studio, the two began putting together simple jump-up cuts and releasing them through Trouble on Vinyl. Working their sound into a harder, more aggressive style (combined with the growing influence of techstep), more recent FF releases (such as "Dead by Dawn" and "Constant") have reflected a more mature approach to production and arrangement, with hard-as-nails breaks combining with more subtle melodic and atmospheric elements. The group recently began DJing as well (primarily as a dub plate-driven promotional device for their various artist and label projects), and the pair are involved individually in a number of solo projects; Bridge as D-Bridge and Monochrome, and Maldini as Subphonics. Future Forces were also featured on the Renegade Hardware compilation The Way-Out Chapter.

Vauxhall, London, England

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