About Dunderbeist

A Scandinavian hard rock/metal outfit featuring ex-members of Stonegard, Kite, and Krace, Hedmark, Norway's Dunderbeist's energetic and innovative blend of hook-laden arena rock, stoner metal, and folk, power, and nu-metal evokes Mastodon by way of Sabaton. The band's sonic versatility, off-kilter humor, and theatrical image -- they wore elaborate masks in their early days -- initially made them hard to pin down, but they built on their considerable regional success with the release of their fourth LP, 2012's Black Arts & Crooked Tails, their first international effort.
Formed in 2007 and featuring the talents of Torgrim Torve (vocal), Ronny Flissundet (guitar), Fredrik Ryberg (guitar), Kristian Liljan (bass), and John Birkeland Hansen (drums), the band released their debut album, Second Hand Theft, in 2008, which was recorded in their own "Pigsty" studio in the city of Hamar. 2009's 8 Crows & Counting, 2010's Rovmord EP, and and 2011's eponymous Dunderbeist saw the group incorporating more hard rock subgenres into the mix, culminating in the release of Black Arts & Crooked Tails, their most commercial-sounding album to date, and their first release in English -- the album topped the Norwegian charts for three weeks, and garnered positive reviews overseas. The darker and more progressive sounding Songs Of The Buried, which was mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Converge, Kvelertak), arrived in late 2012, and in 2015 Dunderbeist issued the reliably genre-hopping Hyklere, their fifth studio long player. 2017 saw the release of Tvilja, the first in a planned trilogy of EPs. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Hedmark, Norway