This Is Your Life
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
King Tim III (Personality Jock)
She Is Beyond Good and Evil
Mind Your Own Business
Being Boiled (2003 Remastered Version)
Last Words (12" Version)
Razor's Edge 12" Version
Ja Funmi
Breathe Deep
Planet Rock
Scharfer Schnitt No. 1
Fade Away
Rebel Vibration
Quante Jubila
Stretch (7" Version)
Depth Charge
Play Fool Fe Get Wise
The Burning Spear
Designer Genes
Peut être ... pas
Football Season's In Full Swing
Wir bauen eine neue Stadt
Konk Party
Funky Stuff
Ain't you
Blonde Redhead
La Voix Humaine
Jah War
White Line Fever
Trench Warfare
No Guilt
Love Tempo
Leaving Babylon
Shack Up (7" Version)
Histoire a Suivre
Allez allez
Much a Do About Nothing
Big Bean (12 Version)
Bimbo (Remastered 2005)
Mon Nuisance
Papa Na Mama
East West Shuffle
Danger (Remastered)
Kill the Great Raven
She's Lost Control (Long Version)
African Head Charge - Don't Care About Space Invader Machines, Pts. 1 & 2
Talk Dirty (To Me)
White Mice
Quality Crayon Wax O.K.
Little Dove
I Zimbra
Boneman Connection
Two to Six Super Mix
Zion Steppers
Sinsemilla (Discomix)
At Home He's a Tourist
The Parrot Brigade
My Spine Is the Bassline
The Bed's Too Big Without You
Contort Yourself
Switi Momo
2000 Blacks Got to Be Free (Edit) [feat. Roy Ayers]

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