Lightning (feat. Nazzereene) [Mixed]
Like I Do (feat. Brooke Tomlinson) [Protoculture Remix] [Mixed]
Proper Order (Mark Sherry Remix) [Mixed]
Exploration of Space (Mixed)
Cassini (Mixed)
Cigarettes & Kerosene (T78 Remix) [Mixed]
Deep Impact (Mixed)
Burnin' Up! (Mixed)
Denial (feat. Floria Ambra) [Liam Melly Remix] [Mixed]
Tree of Souls (Mixed)
Fahrenheit (Mixed)
Colour Me (Mixed)
Fade Away (Mixed)
Replay (Mixed)
Wind in Your Face (Mixed)
Black Flag (Mixed)
Autumn Hearts (A.R.D.I. Remix) [Mixed]
A State of Trance (Outro) [Mixed]

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