Luke Abbott

About Luke Abbott

Luke Abbott creates hypnotic, kinetic, strangely old-sounding electronic music that borrows from Krautrock legends (Cluster, Harmonia, Neu!) as well as contemporaries (Nathan Fake, Boards of Canada). The respected Output Recordings released Abbott's first single, 2006’s 'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B'B', which was the final vinyl release pressed by the label. In 2007, Abbott began work on a full-length album, then signed with the local Border Community imprint, issuing the Tuesday EP the following year. Abbott worked on his album in earnest after releasing 2009’s Whitebox Stereo EP. The result, 2010’s Holkham Drones, drew widespread acclaim for its interplay of expansive drones and intricate textures. One of the album’s standout tracks, "Trans Forest Alignment," fronted an EP in 2011. ~ Heather Phares

Norfolk, England