Darkvoice - Topnummers

Positive Buoyancy
Negative Buoyancy
Everybody Nice
Go Back in Your Eyes
Neutral Buoyancy
Circuit Dreams
Everybody Love (Slow Dancing Mix)
Everybody Love
Everybody Love (Instrumental)
Go Back in Your Eyes
Go Back in Your Eyes (Melody Mix)
Paranoia (Can You Hear Me)
Know Your Dope Fiend
The Need (Mescaline)
White Whale
Riding the Wave
Bat Country
Sex Education Lesson
Mind-Body-Soul (LSD)
Thcirt Saam (The Depths of an Ether Binge)
The Edge of the Desert
Completely Twisted on Drugs
Spooky (In Love), Pt. 1
Black Out
Mind - Body - Soul
Can't Pretend
Hammer Hell Blues
Butterflies (In Love), Pt. 2
The Flow (In Love), Pt. 4 [Bonus Track]
Telling the Truth
The Need
A Night Out
Vampires (In Love), Pt. 3
Change It All
This Is Me