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Inspired by the works of Giorgio Moroder, soundtracks to Italian thrillers, and late-'70s and early-'80s Italo-disco, Guglielmo Bottin is a producer and DJ based in Venice. In 2004, he released an album of eclectic downtempo material under the name William Bottin, but he resurfaced a few years later and operated on a last-name-only basis. In 2009, he released "No Static" on Italians Do It Better and an unapologetically kitschy album, Horror Disco, on Bear Funk. An assortment of 12" releases followed, issued on labels such as Eskimo, Nang, and Tin. He collaborated with the likes of Rodion, Justus Köhncke, and Visage's Rusty Egan ("Atzaro"), and he also remixed tracks by the likes of In Flagranti ("EX EX EX"), Sally Shapiro ("My Fantasy"), and Blood Orange ("The Complete Knock"). His second album as simply Bottin, the more pop-oriented Punica Fides, was released in 2014. It featured guest appearances from Visage's Steven Strange, as well as Rodion and Lavinia Claws. Collaborative singles with Rodion and Italo godfather Alexander Robotnick followed in 2015. The Arreboles EP arrived in early 2017, preceding the full-length I Have What I Gave, released by 2MR Records. ~ Andy Kellman


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