About Phyrework

Phyrework was an obscure, little-known soul/funk outfit that recorded for Mercury in 1978. That year, Mercury released the band's self-titled debut album, which was produced by Con-Funk-Shun guitarist Michael Cooper. Although Con-Funk-Shun was big at the time, Phyrework fell between the cracks and received hardly any attention. The LP included a few examples of tough, hard-driving funk along the lines of the Bar-Kays, although its main emphasis was smooth, sophisticated soul-pop and quiet storm music. When Phyrework didn't sell, Mercury dropped the seven-member band, which never recorded a second album. The members of Phyrework included lead singer Clarence Pitts, guitarist Willie Smith, bassist Gerald Calhoun, keyboardist Frank Hames, trumpeter Jim Foster, saxophonist Bill Eden, and drummer John Bryant. ~ Alex Henderson