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An American-born J-pop singer and actress, Yuna Ito came to fame in the film version of the manga Nana, in the role of Reira (which she earned through audition), as well as singing the movie's theme song, "Endless Story." The film and single were big hits in Japan, and in 2006 Ito (this time using her real name) released a second single, "Faith." Although "Faith" was not as big a single as her first, Ito was chosen to revisit her role as Reira in the sequel to Nana, entitled Nana II. The resulting single from this film was a hit as well. Ito released her first album, Heart, in 2007, which debuted at number one on the daily charts and eventually hit the top spot on the weekly. In January of 2008, Ito released the single "A World to Believe In," which featured a duet with Celine Dion. ~ Chris True

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