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About Night In Gales

Formed in early 1995 in Vorede, Germany, Night in Gales were part of a new breed of death metal bands who combined the music's chaotic intensity and abrasive vocals with classic, structured metal riffs and a surprising sense of melody. The band recorded its first demo, Sylphlike, a few months after forming, and on its merits scored a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast. Their debut album, Toward the Twilight, appeared in 1997, and landed Night in Gales a supporting slot for stylistic touchstone In Flames. The follow-up, Thunderbeast, released in late 1998, found the band refining their approach. Vocalist Bjorn Goobes, guitarists Jens Basten and Frank Basten, bassist Tobias Bruchmann, and drummer Christian Bab returned in 2000 with their third album, Nailwork. ~ Steve Huey

Vorede, Germany

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