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Alexander Acha is an award-winning pop en Español singer, pianist, songwriter and producer and humanitarian from Mexico. The son of celebated singer Emmanuel Acha, his '80s-inspired sound threads dance music and pop en Español through slick and silky rock dynamics, electronic music, and the timeless romantico tradition. His trademarks are big beats, hooky melodies, and anthemic choruses. He has been a regular presence on the charts since releasing Voy, his debut album in 2008. Its chart-topping first single, "Te Amo," is considered a Mexican pop standard and has since registered hundreds of millions of streams. La Vida Es..., his sophomore long player, featured a guest spot by his father on the title track. 2014's Claroscuro included two charting bilingual dancefloor hits in "Dame Tu Amor (Gimme Your Love)" and "El Amor Te Va a Encontrar (Love Is Gonna Find You)." 2018's Luz reached an entirely new generation of fans. That same year, Mexican cumbia stars Socios del Ritmo enlisted him as lead vocalist on their internationally charting cover of his song,"Llorar."
He was born Raul Alexander Acha German in 1985 to singer Emmanuel Acha and Mercedes Alemán in Mexico City. He asked for a drum set at age three, but was tutored in musical theory and rhythm by his father until he was five when he began formal training at musical training at Artene Institute Artene Institute in Mexico City. Two years later, he entered the Center for Research and Musical Studies where he studied piano and composition. In 1999, age 14, he was accepted for study at the Summer Piano Institute in Kansas, United States. After returning to Mexico, he played in rock bands with music school friends and performed his own songs. In 2003 he attended the Berger Institute of Music in the Netherlands, and a year later the Berklee College of Music in Boston. After graduating, he enrolled in the Fermatta Music Academy in Mexico City, where he studied advanced composition, guitar, and voice. In 2007, he joined his father in adapting the popular theme song from the film Guadalupe.
Acha signed to Warner Music Mexico and released his debut single "Te Amo," in early 2008. It topped the airplay charts across the country, while its video racked up tens of millions of views, preparing the way for the long player Voy. The album showcased the intriguing, seemingly irresistible meld of pop and traditional styles and quickly registered at the top of the airplay charts in Mexico City, then went national before its appeal reached across the across the water to radio stations in Spain and Argentina. "Te Amo" topped the charts for 16 consecutive weeks, propelling the album to gold and platinum sales status. Acha was awarded a Latin Grammy in 2009 for Best New Artist. He also received the Mexican music industry's Oye and Luna awards for Revelation Artist of the Year, while "Te Amo" won an ASCAP Award as one the the year's most popular singles. Instead of touring the conventional way, Acha promoted his work in front of large concert audiences as a nightly guest on his father's "Retro" tour; he appeared in more than 80 shows to hundreds of thousands of fans.
In 2011, he released La Vida Es .... Produced by Scott Erickson, it included the charting singles "Amiga," "Gracias" and "Eres Tanto." (The latter was chosen as the title theme for the internationally broadcast telenovela Mucho Corazón.) A year later, Warner Music re-released it as La Vida Es ... Amor Sincero in 2012 with five bonus tracks. Among them was a duet version of the track, "Amor Sincero" performed with singer and actress Zuria Vega. It was chosen as the theme song for the Mexican telenovela Un Refugio para el Amor (A Refuge For Love); the song's video went viral and the album recieved gold certification.
After a long international tour, Acha returned to the recording studio, this time with producer Loris Ceroni. 2014's Claroscuro made a bold leap into electronic rhythms, futurist arrangements, even vanguard charts, and sampled sounds that crossed lines between genres . Its first two singles, "Gimme Your Love," and "Love Is Gonna Find You" were bilingual and dancefloor ready, and not only charted, but were spun across the globe by forward- thinking DJs. In addition to the uptempo jams, the set included some of Acha's most poignantly rendered ballads, including "Vas a Ver," and "Mas Que Demisado, and uptempo concert favorites "Bailalo Conmigo," "Killing Me," and the soaring, cinematic, "Dejate Querer." Critical reception cited the album as his finest. The ensuing tour included a sold out appearance at Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City.
In 2016, Acha was invited by the Mexican Consulate in Boston and the Berklee College of Music to give a recital at the Berklee Performance Center during the Reimagine Mexico Festival. The same year he revived the dinner theater concept in Mexico City with the show Alexander Acha en Resumen.
Acha left Warner Music for an independent career in 2017, kicking it off with the acoustic single "Perdon" sung as a duet with Pablo Sauti. The track spent seven weeks in the top ten at radio. That year he also accepted an invitation from his father to perform on the older man's MTV Unplugged episode. They performed a duet of one of Emmanuel's greatest hits "Es Mi Mujer."

In 2018, Acha devoted himself to writing and performing for cinema and television. Film producer Jorge Aragón invited Acha to adapt and re-record the hit "Non Ci Sono Anime," by Antonello Vendetti, for the main theme of the film El Would Si Existe. Acha also composed and produced the score for the animated film about Our Lady Of Guadalupe entitled Tepeyac (slated for global release in early 2021). Its cast members included Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas. He also appeared as guest lead vocalist on Socios del Ritmo's hit cover of his own cumbia "Llorar" from their charting live album Hoy. At year's end, Acha surprised fans with the release of his independently released fourth album Luz. Co-produced with Julio Reyes Copello, Juan Carlos Moguel, Diego and "Zurdo" Ortega, Joan Romagosa, the set was regaled by critics for the exceptional diversity of its ten tracks.

In addition, Mexico's cross-networked Red Familia organization invited Acha and singer / actress Dulce María to record a cover of Omar Geles' pro-life cumbia "Los Caminos del Vida" for their massive La Vida Por Delante anti-abortion campaign. (Both artists are devout Catholics.) Acha was also selected to be the public image for Casio Music Gear nationwide. 2019 also saw Acha join the panel of critics of the Mexican reality show "La Academia" for TV Azteca. He shared the panel with the actress and singer Danna Paola, the journalist, actor, and playwright Horacio Villalobos and the businessman, manager, and producer, Arturo López Gavito.
In April 2020 in direct reponse to the the COVID19 pandemic, Acha wrote and recorded the single "Sequimos De Pi," (We Are Still Standing), to assist those most affected by the economic crisis in Mexico. Its video made in conjunction with Alacran Entertainment, enlisted the participation of more than 50 artists, public figures and opinion leaders including Mijares, Dulce María, Alex Lora, Paty Cantú, Kalimba, María León, and his father Emmanuel along with dozens of others. 100% of Acha's royalties, all proceeds from streaming and video were donated to needy families through the Un Kilo de Ayuda Foundation. Two months later, he and singer-songwriter Eduardo Verástegui wrote and recorded "Quiero Vivir" (I Want To Live), another pro-life anthem that has has since been adopted as a theme song for several Mexico-based anti-abortion organizations. Acha followed in June with the urban pop single "Invencible," and in August the single and video for "Y Tu." The latter racked up more than 650,000 views during its first week of release. In October Acha issued the singles "Por El Mundo" and "Un Poco Mas," as previews for an as yet untitled fifth album. ~ Thom Jurek

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    25 January 1985