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About F.O.N.

F.o.N. is a poppy punk group consisting of no less than seven members, two of which are singers. The group came together at a very young age in 1998, putting together their Freak of Nature demo before releasing Hooked on FoNIX later in the year. The group played at the Van's Warped Tour and Woodstock '99, and drummer Ilan Rubin received high praise for his abilities at such a young age (he joined the band at age seven!) They stepped back into the studio in 2001 and emerged with a record originally titled "FoNopoly," but the folks at Hasbro Toys swooped in with high-priced lawyers and snatched up all related artwork and products when they saw the parody of their popular Monopoly game on the cover. Cease and Desist: The EP Formerly Known as "FoNopoly" became the tongue-in-cheek title, while Hasbro still tried to get money out of the band as "monetary compensation." The band scoffed at this because the album had never been manufactured and even asked them if they could pay in Monopoly money. They hopped aboard the Van's Warped Tour in the summer of 2002, while Hasbro backed off and stopped harassing the group. Later that summer, their second full length album (Adventures in Boredom) arrived in stores courtesy of Doc Hollywood Records. ~ Bradley Torreano

San Diego, CA