Belô Velloso

About Belô Velloso

Caetano Veloso's and Maria Bethânia's niece, Belô Velloso, started to sing at 15, having lived in her hometown, Santo Amaro da Purificação, until she was 19. At that age, she went to Rio de Janeiro, where she began her artistic career playing clubs. Her first album, Belô Velloso, came in 1997, with participation by Caetano Veloso and Bethânia. Um Segundo, her second album, received good airing with "A Vida Tem Dessas Coisas" (Ritchie) and "As Curvas Da Estrada de Santos" (Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos). Also in 1997, she participated in the Novo Canto project (Rádio JB FM). ~ Alvaro Neder

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