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Felius Andromeda's 1967 single, "Meditations," was one of the best British psychedelic obscurities, highly reminiscent of early Procol Harum in its organ work. But it also had a gothic churchy atmosphere of its own in its Gregorian backing vocals, almost tearfully philosophical vocal, and solemn spoken incantation "with the death of my comprehension, my heart is lost in my soul's redemption." Not the stuff of hit singles, perhaps, but a fine piece of trippy psychedelia. The B-side, "Cheadle Health Delusions," wasn't nearly as distinguished, but was a respectable piece of orchestral pop-psychedelia, with impressionistic lyrics of everyday English life. It's surprising that a group with such evident promise never got to record again, but it was their only single, though one member of the band, Denis Couldry, put out subsequent solo singles on Decca. Not much has been published about Felius Andromeda, although they did pose for publicity photos in monks' robes and, according to Record Mirror, recorded their single in a North London church. "Meditations" has been reissued several times, perhaps most prominently on the box set Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers: Psychedelic Confectionery, while "Cheadle Health Delusions" was reissued on the compilation Rubble 11: Adventures in the Mist, which was later included in the box set The Rubble Collection, Vols. 11-20. ~ Richie Unterberger

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