The Tallis Scholars
The Tallis Scholars

The Tallis Scholars

About The Tallis Scholars

The Tallis Scholars—a British a cappella ensemble named after composer Thomas Tallis and led by Peter Phillips—are known for performing the sacred vocal music of the Renaissance.

∙ The ensemble launched their own label, Gimell Records, in 1980, and they have released more than 50 original albums of their works, as well as dozens of reissues and compilations.
∙ Their collection Josquin: Missa Pange lingua & Missa La sol fa re mi was named Record of the Year by Gramophone magazine in 1987.
∙ At the 1995 Cannes Classical Awards (now known as the International Classical Music Awards), The Tallis Scholars won in the Early Music category for Live in Rome.
∙ Released in 1997, Johannes Ockeghem - Missa Au travail suis & Missa De plus en plus earned them the first of their four Grammy nominations, all for Best Small Ensemble Performance.
∙ In 2018, BBC Music Magazine included The Tallis Scholars’ Allegri Miserere on their list of The 50 Greatest Recordings of All Time.
∙ To promote early vocal music and help coach the next generation of performers, they established the Tallis Scholars Summer Schools in the UK, the US, and Australia in 2020.

    Oxford, England

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