In the artist's words: 音楽に関連した最初の思い出のひとつを詳しく教えてください。 As a child, I discovered the joy of creating music when my school music teacher gave me a composition homework assignment. Since I had no music education and no piano, I used a recorder to write handwritten composition scores and submitted them. Apple Musicのアルバムの中で、お気に入りのトップ3は何ですか?理由も教えてください。 特にこの3つのアルバムを選んだ理由は何ですか? Aldo Ciccolini, Satie: Gymnopedies Jon Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey I admire Erik Satie's clumsy, yet genuinely kind life style to others. Bon Jovi is still my very youth from their early albums. I think Mariah Carey is an artist who has stuck out. Apple Musicのご自分の曲の中から好きな曲を1つ選んでください。その曲の何が特別なのかも教えてください。 この曲を選んだ理由を教えてください "新しいクラヴサン曲集 組曲 ト長調-短調 RCT6 第4番 めんどり (Tack Piano Version)" The production of this song, in which a hen seems to appear before my eyes at any moment, was also a study in songwriting when I was studying composition. これまでのキャリアの中で、一番忘れられない思い出のひとつを教えてください。 Since about 2018 I had been creating for 1000 days on 100,000 original piano instrumental compositions, 100 songs a day morning and night combined. This music will continue to be published in some form as long as I live. アーティストまたはバンドとして必ずやりたいことの中で、まだやっていないことはありますか? My goal is to continue releasing music for 10+ years starting in 2021. And I would like to do music releases of all genres.