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About Kit Chan

Singaporean pop singer and actress Kit Chan enjoyed remarkable success in both the Taiwanese Mandopop and Hong Kong Cantopop markets for a decade before leaving the Chinese pop music scene behind in 2004. Born in Singapore on September 15, 1972, her debut album, Heartache (1994), became a major hit in Taiwan at a time when few Singaporean singers were popular in the Mandarin music scene. Her success continued with the follow-up albums Cornered (1995), Sadness (1996), and Don't Let Me Hate You (1996). In 1997 her success extended to Hong Kong, where she co-starred with fellow pop star Jacky Cheung in the musical Snow.Wolf.Lake and where her debut Cantonese album, Revelation (1997), was well received. Now a star in both the Mandarin and Cantonese music scenes, she proceeded to release a succession of albums in both languages until 2004, when she chose to retire from the pop music industry after a decade's work. By this point, she had become an accomplished actress and continued to enjoy success as such in subsequent years.

Sep 15, 1972