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About DAMカラオケ

Like most late-'80s/early-'90s British thrash bands, Morecombe's D.A.M. (short for "Destruction and Mayhem") arrived too late and bearing too little in the way of original talent to compete with the leading American and continental European thrashers of the day -- most of whom were already moving onto new sounds by then anyway. But, backtracking just a bit, after a issuing a pair of demos, D.A.M. vocalist Jason McLoughlin, guitarists Dave Pugh and John Bury, bassist Andy Elliot, and drummer Phil Bury were signed by Noise and recorded their 1990 debut album, Human Wreckage. Sporadic touring in support of fellow Brits Toranaga and later Americans Dark Angel and Nuclear Assault paved the road to album number two, 1991's Inside Out, but D.A.M. broke up shortly thereafter -- partly due to Pugh's joining folk-thrashers Skyclad. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia