Sing It Back (feat. Laureen) [The Funk Mix]
About Us
Love and Sax
Higher Love (feat. Jinadu) [Quentin Harris Remix]
In This House
Oh Yeahh Worxx It! (Ricky Montanari, Davide Ruberto Remix)
Unusual Feeling (feat. Laureen) [Blakey Remix]
Baby Turn Me On (feat. MEEA)
Turn Me On
Say Goodbye (Instrumental)
Summer Rain (Paul Adam Mix)
Generation of Love
Do That Theng (feat. PhloeB) [Radio Mix]
Now I am free (feat. Shantih)
Give It Up (HP Vince Mix)
Hiccups (feat. Shaina Jones) [MR V Remix]
El Polveron
It's Over Now
Don't Walk Away (Paul Adam mix)
Sing It Back (feat. Laureen)
D_R_U_M_Z (Instrumental)
Magic Dunes
Let It Go (Club Mix)
You Can Do It (90's Mix)
Modernica (Instrumental)
Your Love (DJ Vivona Remix)
Mille e una notte (Ricky Montanari '95)
Higher Love (feat. Jinadu) [Deep Mix]
Shirao (Instrumental)
House Lock
Take 4
Toro seduto
Jump That Check
Nobody But (W Rome Mix)
Generation of Love (feat. Steve Wimbo) [DJ Vivona Remix]

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