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Motel Connection are an Italian electronica and house combo from Torino, formed in 2000 by DJ Pisti and Subsonica's vocalist and bassist, Samuel Romano and Pierpaolo "Pierfunk" Peretti Griva. Motel Connection effectively kicked off their career when director Marco Ponti asked them to compose the music for his 2001 hit film Santa Maradona. The following year they released their first album, Give Me a Good Reason to Wake Up, featuring eight remixes from the film's soundtrack plus two new tracks, all sung in English. Among these was the hit single "Two," whose video received extensive airplay during 2002-2003. After a new soundtrack for another Ponti film, 2004's A/R Andata + Ritorno, Motel Connection's second album appeared in 2006, under the title Do I Have a Life? ~ Mariano Prunes

    Turin, Italy

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