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About T-Empo

b. Tim Lennox, c.1966, Birmingham, West Midlands, England. Lennox is one of the major proponents of what has been fetchingly described as handbag house. Like many before him, he has stepped out from behind the decks to switch from being DJ to producer. He had been DJing for 10 years, starting at a gay club called Heroes, in Manchester, before helping set up the notorious Flesh events at the Haçienda in 1991, settling on Paradise Factory shortly afterwards. His first recorded effort, featuring a typically striking vocal from Sharon D. Clark and help from producer Aron Friedman and Damon Rochefort (of Nomad fame), was a cover of Cuba Goodings Happiness, released under the title Serious Rope. A second cover, this time of Barbara Masons Another Man, also sustained critical approval. This tale of a Brooklyn housewife dumped by her man for another lover, also male, had the camp, heightened sense of drama intrinsic to the handbag house style. This was released as Shy One, after which Lennox switched to the T-Empo name in order to engender a more structured approach to making music. Hence his band evolved, featuring Adam Clough, session singer Loretta and engineer Simon Bradshaw. After the huge success of Another Man several record companies were fighting to sign Lennox, and he eventually opted for ffrr Records, based on their good record with gay/hi-NRG/house acts. However, a third release, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, the first to use the pseudonym T-Empo, arrived jointly with the exclusive gay record label Out On Vinyl, on which Lennox holds a directors chair. His remixing skills also rose in popularity, and, again under the name T-Empo, included the Brand New Heavies (Dream On Dreamer), RuPaul (House Of Love), Grace Jones (Slave To The Rhythm), Joe Roberts (Lover) and K Klass (Rhythm Is A Mystery). The Joe Roberts mix was a particular triumph, when ffrr promoted it to a-side status over a version from Lennoxs long-time hero, David Morales.