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Rockaway, NJ's Royden formed following the breakup of My Cousin Ray, a local band vocalist Treebo, drummer Nick, and bassist Kerry had previously been playing in together. Demos recorded near the end of that group's life garnered last-minute attention from a local indie, so the trio decided to put a band back together to release music through the label. Guitarist Tim joined up in January 2004 as the band, now dubbed Royden, entered the studio for a week to churn out the debut EP of the guys' punk-hardcore-metal concoction. Best Friends Our Worst Enemies appeared that May to the delight of their local scene. The band toured around the East Coast and Midwest with second guitarist Frank Rosania on board, but upon his subsequent departure, Justin Sherwood signed on. They continued touring throughout summer 2005, and by fall Royden had inked a deal with California's Hopeless Records, which reissued their EP in April 2006. Spring and summer were spent on headlining dates as well as opening slots for bands like Showbread and Action Action. ~ Corey Apar

Rockaway, NJ

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