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About La Familia Valeria Miranda

Félix Valera Miranda (b. 26 February 1939, Las Tunas, Cuba; lead vocal, guitar), Carmen Rosa Alarcón Ganboa (b. 30 August 1944, Las Tunas, Cuba; maracas, backing vocals), Rádames González Brugal (b. 14 October 1942, El Caney, Cuba; vocals, cuatro, tres, clave), Enrique Valera Alarcón (b. 2 January 1966, Santiago, Cuba; cuatro, clave, backing vocals), Raúl Félix Valera Alarcón (b. 31 December 1968, Santiago, Cuba; double bass, backing vocals), Ernesto Valera Alarcón (b. 20 July 1970, Santiago, Cuba; bongos, sencerro, backing vocals). A family of musicians from the Oriente region of Cuba, Familia Valera Miranda comprise father Félix (the group’s leader), his wife and sons, plus his brother Rádames. They play a mid-tempo form of ‘son’, Cuba’s traditional musical style, called ‘Cauto son’. A non-professional ensemble who only performed at the parties of family and close friends, they recorded their international debut, Music From Oriente De Cuba: The Son, at Salo Dolores, Santiago de Cuba in April 1994. It featured a selection of traditional ‘son’ standards (some by members of the Valera Miranda family and others by well-known composers, including Compay Segundo), which predated the revival of interest in the music which arose after the success of the Buena Vista Social Club three years later. Cana Quema and Cuba: La Familia Valera Miranda both featured songs in the traditional Cuban style performed with the groups customary easy-going swing. Cuba: The Trova featured Félix Valera Miranda alongside vocalist Joel Diez and Francisco Sablon on the ‘laud’ (Cuban 12-string guitar), playing a further selection of Cuban classics, this time in the ‘trovador’ style, i.e. without percussion.