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About La Charanga Habanera

Cuban Charanga Habanera began playing traditional music, such as cha cha cha, mambo, bolero, and guaracha, under the direction of José Picayo in the late '80s. Violinist Gerardo Aguillón (ex-Ritmo Oriental), David Calzado, and flutist Jorge Emilio Maza were joined by singer Juan Carlos González in 1989. Their first independent record was called "De la Habana a Montecarlo." Talented local musicians wanted to be part of the promising band, soon becoming Charanga Habanera's new members. In 1992, the tropical outfit recorded their debut album, titled Love Fever (Me Sube La Fiebre), featuring contributions from Juan Manuel Arranz and El Medico de la Salsa.

After signing up to Magic Music, Hey You Loca! was released in 1994. Pa' Que Se Entere la Habana followed in 1996. Unfortunately, and even as young musicians joined in to support a contemporary musical direction, 1997's Tremendo Delirio marked the end of their first era. A year later, singer Mario Jiménez assembled Charanga for Ever, while Danny Lozada went solo founding Timba Cubana. On the other side, David Calzado decided to keep the group's original name. ~ Drago Bonacich