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West London artists Kevin Hurry and Kevin Swain, who met at Shoom in the late 80s, are the men behind the D.O.P. banner, an acronym for Dance Only Productions. Their first chance to DJ came at Gary Haismans infamous Raid club. They have interspersed their regular sets at venues such as Flying, Love Ranch and Sign Of The Times with their recordings as D.O.P. throughout the 90s (their first release was credited to Bliss on the Live At The Brain compilation set). D.O.P.s first single, Future Le Funk, sampled Visage, and was picked up by Guerilla in the summer of 1991. The second, Get Out On The Dancefloor, used strings borrowed from a Japan record, while they also remixed stablemates React 2 Rhythms Whatever You Dream. They eventually dissolved in 1994, stating they had taken the band as far as we possibly can. As further evidence of this they pointed out the way in which D.O.P.s music had cropped up on compilations spanning garage, hardcore, progressive house and techno. However, they will be fondly remembered for singles such as Oh Yeah and Groovy Beat.