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If the Cambridge, U.K., duo Commix (Guy Brewer and George Levings) don't sound like the average junglist act, it probably has something to do with their mostly techno influences. The drum-n-bass act cite Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Carl Craig as some of the primary reasons they began making music. Originally formed with third member Conrad Whittle, Commix made their debut in 2003 with the single "Feel Something" released by Blue Sonix's label Aquasonic. Over the years Whittle would quit the group, their techno influence would began to show more often, and they would release more 12"s for the likes of Hospital, Good Looking Records, and Doc Scott's 31 Records. When it came time to release their debut album, they signed with the Metalheadz label and dropped Call to Mind. The album featured a guest appearance from Steve Spacek and a remix from Underground Resistance added as a hidden bonus track. ~ David Jeffries

Cambridge, England

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