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A Japan formed and based, yet American death metal influenced band, Infected Malignity released a handful of demo tracks and splits over a year before securing a release for their debut album. Forming in Tokyo in 2004, members (and all previous collaborators in the band Defiant Manner) Katsuyuki Oota (vocals and bass), Takuma Sugano (guitar), Yuuto Sugano (drums), and a rotating cast of characters on the bass guitar, Infected Malignity released their debut demo in 2005. Appearances on some split releases followed in '05 and '06, before the band secured a deal with Unmatched Brutality and released their first official' album, The Malignity Born From Despair, in 2006. The songs the band prepared whilst on tour supporting their debut would soon see release, as the band decided to rush them onto an EP, RE:bel, which hit stores in 2007. Unfortunately, the band had to take a bit of time to fill in the vocalist spot, as Oota split from the group. The replacement, Kohei Watanabe, was augmented with the addition of bassist Kei Ishida. ~ Chris True