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About Ignominious Incarceration

Like their mouthful of a moniker, England's Ignominious Incarceration deal in technically proficient death metal that's neither for the faint of stamina nor short of patience. A precocious bunch to boot, vocalist Andy Wardle, guitarists Steve Brown and Danny Guy, bassist Chris Ball, and drummer Sam Bailey wasted little time practicing their complicated scales before diving headlong into composing the music that would make up their 2008 EP, Deeds of Days Long Gone. Soon snapped up by Earache Records, Ignominious Incarceration followed with their full-length debut, Of Winter Born, in early 2009, and met with both positive accolades for their instrumental prowess and negative critiques over obvious debts to numerous precursors like Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, and Sylosis. Guitarist Danny Guy parted company with the group shortly after the album's release. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia