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About I Am Arrows

After serving as Razorlights drummer for five years, Andy Burrows jumped ship in 2009 and resurfaced as the newest member of We Are Scientists. Meanwhile, he began laying the groundwork for a band of his own. Burrows had already released a solo album in 2008, but his new material proved to be slightly different, flaunting a sound that took its cues from quirky 21st century pop bands like MGMT as well as a number of 1970s songwriters. After collecting enough material for an album, Burrows retreated to the studio and recorded Sun Comes Up Again, handling all of the vocals and instruments himself. This being an altogether different project than his 2008 solo debut, he decided to release the album under a new moniker -- I Am Arrows -- and enlisted the help of bassist Ben Burrows, drummer Adam Chetwood, and guitarist Nick Hill to play the songs live. ~ Andrew Leahey

London, England

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