About Terrorizer

The beginnings of grindcore are often pinpointed to Napalm Death's 1987 masterpiece Scum and the early work of Carcass, but the 1989 release World Downfall by the overlooked outfit Terrorizer is often talked about in revered tones by extreme metallists worldwide. Featuring members David Vincent (bass, vocals), Pete Sandoval (drums), Jesse Pintado (guitar), and Oscar Garcia (vocals), Terrorizer's lone album has spawned countless imitators over the years, due to its groundbreaking merger of both speed and aggression. Produced by renowned thrash/death metal producer Scott Burns, all you have to do is check out some of the song titles to know what type of a hellacious musical ride that'll soon be in store -- "Fear of Napalm," "Strategic Warheads," "Enslaved by Propaganda," "Dead Shall Rise," and the like. After breaking up, all of Terrorizer's members appeared in other outfits -- Vincent with the Genitorturers, Sandoval with Morbid Angel, Pintado with Napalm Death, and Garcia with Nausea. ~ Greg Prato

    Los Angeles, CA

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