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About Skin

The iconoclastic British "clit-rock" quartet Skunk Anansie broke up in 2001 after three successful yet often misunderstood or unclassifiable records. Vocalist Skin had always been the group's emotional nucleus and resident firebrand; after its dissolution, she decided to take some time off before returning to music. Skin gradually returned to songwriting, and emerged in June 2003 with her first solo effort, entitled Fleshwounds. The album revealed a more introspective side to the artist, who had always been more comfortable with her boot on a neck or fist at a chin than baring her feelings about relationships gone wrong. But it was themes of love and the search for happiness that dominated the stark arrangements of Fleshwounds. The album featured contributions from Skunk bassist Cass, and was co-written with Skin's longtime writing partner Len Arran. ~ Johnny Loftus