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Q-Nice's ranks with the best hip-hop poets in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The young, fresh, staccato-tongued John Adams High graduate, born Quentin Finley, creates and spits rhymes at the speed of thought. Keeping busy, he's appeared all across America from Memphis to Los Angeles, and the Bronx, blinding audiences with his energy, sexy persona, and unique brand of rap/poetry. The United Negro College Fund Viewing Party, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dayton's Fly City Fest, 93 FM WZAK Anniversary Party, and Fox TV 8 in C-town have all provided platforms for his immense talent. Keeping all irons hot, he also co-hosts Video Visions, a local hip-hop video show on WUAB Channel 43 that airs videos by up and coming performers.

Q-Nice debuted at age nine and has honed his gifts ever since, adding mad producing and arranging skills to an impressive résumé. He's featured on Smooth Approach's You Got It CD, dropping phat rhymes on "On My Mind," "Never Enough," and other tracks. Education takes priority with Q-Nice, who was working on a bachelors degree at Cleveland State University. His membership with the Cleveland National Poetry Slam exposes him to diverse styles of lyrical expression that he adopts into fresh new raps. The explosive rapper is Smooth Approach's favorite road dog, but he also gigs with the Urban Division, a rap group, while laying tracks for his inaugural CD on Executive Hits Records. ~ Andrew Hamilton