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The McCampbell brothers, from Dallas by way of Flint, MI, formed the Mac Band in Los Angeles. They earned some quick R&B success with their debut LP The Mac Band featuring the McCampbell Brothers in 1988 for MCA. "Roses Are Red" topped the R&B charts, and put the Mac Band in the unusual spot of having its one-shot be a number one hit. They never again came close to landing a big record. The group consisted of the McCampbell brothers Ray, Derrick, Charles and Kelvin, backed by bassist Ray Flippin, keyboardist Rodney Frazier, guitarist Mark Harper, and drummer Steve Fuller. The duo of L.A. and Babyface helped cut their producing teeth on the Mac Band's first session, along with Atlantic Starr's David and Wayne Lewis. Gary Taylor produced and wrote most of the cuts for their unsuccessful follow-up, Luv U 2 the Limit, in 1990. Frazier also recorded with Atlantic Starr. ~ Ron Wynn

Los Angeles, CA

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