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About Johnny Duhan

The leader of an R&B/soul cover band, Granny's Intention in the late '60s, Johnny Duhan turned his focus to songwriting in the '70s and '80s, penning tunes covered by Christy Moore, Mary Black, Dolores Keane, the Dubliners and the Irish Tenors. His song, "The Voyage," has become a classic of contemporary Irish music, often heard at weddings and anniversary celebrations.

Duhan's self-titled solo debut album, released in 1982, was followed by the equally impressive song collections, Just Another Town, Don Quixote, Flame, and Tree. His autobiography, There Is a Time, was published by Brandon Books, while Walton Publishing published The Voyage -- A Johnny Duhan Songbook.

Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, Duhan is the son of a sailor who traveled between the docks of Limerick and the ports of England and Europe. He currently resides in Galway. His family history continues to provide inspiration for many of his tunes. ~ Craig Harris

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