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One of the most beloved, high-profile, trance and hard-house DJ's of the U.K., Judge Jules formed the Hi-Gate three-piece along with producer Paul Masterson and female vocalist Jina around the cusp of the 21st century. Quickly signed to Nick "Positiva" Halkes' Incentive Records, Hi-Gate fit into the enormously popular trance culture of the time, even though their unique brand of squeaking strings, haunting synths, and mammoth bass lines forged ahead into an unspoken attempt to meld the Ibiza-led ideals of their accustomed scene with the more Bacchic fervor of hardcore dance.

Jules (born Jules O'Riordan), came from almost 15 years of spinning, punk rock infatuations, and KISS FM pirate radio host duties while oft-described "knob-twiddler" Paul Masterson came into the fold when Jules received early copies of Masterson's production work on Yomanda's massive "Synth & Strings" club favorite. With a quick addition of Jina on vocals -- and a name taken from Jules' own North London home -- Hi-Gate wasted no time to release their first series of well-liked singles in late 1999 and 2000. ~ Dean Carlson

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