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About Fiddler's Bid

Fiddlers' Bid are known for their dynamic, driving approach to Scottish fiddling. The band is based in Shetland, the northernmost point in Scotland. The foundation of the band are the four young fiddlers, Maurice Henderson, Andrew Gifford, Kevin Henderson, and Christopher Stout. They are supplemented by Steve Yarrington on guitar, Dave Coles on bass, and Catriona McKay on piano and Scottish harp. It is the additional instruments that define the band's sound, lending distinctive power and versatility to the group's blend of traditional and self-penned jigs, reels, and airs. Fiddlers' Bid recorded one album independently before signing on with the Scotland-based Greentrax label. The 1998 release of their first Greentrax album, Hamnataing, was followed by an aggressive international tour that included concerts all over Europe and in the United States. ~ Evan Cater