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Tennessee's Colony House make driving, often uplifting guitar-based rock. Formed in 2009, the group began as a trio with brothers singer/guitarist Caleb Chapman and drummer Will Chapman (sons of CCM singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman) and guitarist Scott Mills. Calling themselves Caleb, they forged a bright indie rock sound influenced by alt-rock legends like U2, as well as more contemporary influences like Cold War Kids. In 2013, they changed their handle to Colony House, borrowing the name from an apartment complex in their home of Franklin, Tennessee, where all three musicians had lived at one time or another. Colony House worked feverishly to self-release three EPs before the 2014 issue of their debut full-length, When I Was Younger. They toured heavily during 2015, and expanded to a four-piece with Parke Cottrell on bass. In 2017, Colony House returned with their sophomore full-length album, Only the Lonely. Featured on the album was the single "You & I." ~ Fred Thomas

Franklin, TN

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