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The very name Brainwaltzera recalls Rephlex's self-categorized "Braindance" genre, and the anonymous producer's music would have fit perfectly on the Aphex Twin-helmed label at any point during its 24-year run. The artist's music is composed using polyphonic analog synthesizers, samples, field recordings, and unconventional sound sources such as a modified dot matrix printer. The music ranges from dreamy downtempo to more complex, abrasive drill'n'bass, and is conceptually themed around memory, and how sounds and scents can transport an individual back to a specific point in time. Brainwaltzera debuted in 2016 with the self-released Marzipan EP, which piqued the interest of IDM enthusiasts (as well as Aphex Twin himself) and sold out of its pressing of 300 copies. Aescoba followed on the Film label in 2017, with Outdives appearing on Analogical Force soon after. The full-length Poly-Ana, with scented packaging designed by Berlin-based fragrance company Atelier Oblique was released to critical acclaim by the Film label. Remix EP, which included a mix by Rephlex alumni Luke Vibert, closed out the year. Brainwaltzera's EP Epi-Log appeared in early 2019. ~ Paul Simpson

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