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About Bagatelle

One of the first true giants in Irish rock -- they've been cited by a front-man by the name of Bono as having a huge influence on his band's early phase -- Bagatelle formed in the early seventies, but really got rolling in 1978, with their hit single, "Summer In Dublin." The band, over the years, would release even more hit singles, such as "Leeson Street Lady," "Love Is the Reason," and "Second Violin." But the hit singles and 1981 album weren't enough to keep the band going, and Bagatelle called it a day. That is, until 1992, when the original members of the group re-formed. That year Polygram released the compilation Best of Bagatelle and Liam Reilly, and later released another collection entitled Bagatelle Gold, which would become a platinum seller. Members Liam Reilly, Ken Doyle, and John O'Brien would continue in their second life, performing on stages far and wide. ~ Chris True