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The Internet has given artists the opportunity to reach out in new ways that completely sidestep, if not outright ignore, the traditional business model of the major labels. Formed in 2003, comedy duo Smosh used YouTube as their delivery vehicle to astounding effect, with the pair having the most subscribed-to channel on the site on three separate occasions. Made up of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, the pair first made a name for themselves with a series of videos of them lip-syncing various theme songs, with their famous "Pokémon Theme Music Video" eventually gaining over 27 million views. Along with their video work, the pair also release yearly albums that collect the songs from their channel. They started in 2010 with Sexy Album and continued with 2011's If Music Were Real, 2012's Smoshtastic, and 2013's The Sweet Sounds of Smosh. ~ Gregory Heaney